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On-Going Support


ECS On-Going Support - Scope of Operations


During the Initial Term or any renewal term of Electronic Commerce Solutions, Ltd Support Services (also known as On-Going Support), ECS Ltd agrees to provide the following Support Services:


Error Correction

ECS Ltd will undertake to correct any reported and reproducible Error in a Supported Version and shall provide such Error Corrections to the client in the next Software release made generally available to ECS Ltd’s clients, distributors and other licensees of the Software.



ECS Ltd will provide internet based support and if deemed necessary, telephone support to its clients. Support means ECS Ltd resolving technical issues relating to the Software and documentation that the affiliate or client is unable to resolve after its best-efforts to test and analyse the problem encountered by the End User. All problems must be reported in the first instance via ECS online support at  ecs-ltd.com/support  The normal channel of communication for follow up information by ECS Support is email. Telephone contact will be made if further detailed information is required that cannot be dealt with via email.

The client shall provide ECS Ltd with documentation evidencing the problem or error. ECS Ltd shall use reasonable efforts to remedy such technical issues.


Place Services Performed

All Support Services hereunder shall be provided from ECS Ltd’s facilities unless otherwise agreed by ECS Ltd. 

Dial in support can be provided if necessary. All communication costs are the responsibility of the client.


Professional Standards

ECS Ltd will apply generally accepted industry standards to maintain the Software in good working order in accordance with the documentation provided with a Supported Version of the Software.


Limitations & Exclusions

ECS Ltd reserves the right to terminate or interrupt the Support Services provided to the client in the event of:

  1. Errors for which ECS Ltd has provided technical or operational corrections not implemented by the client within a reasonable time. 

  2. Errors caused by changes, alterations or revisions made by or on behalf of the client.

  3. Errors that result from the Clients use of the Software contrary to instruction by ECS Ltd or described in the documentation, or equipment that does not satisfy ECS Ltd's requirements in the documentation, or environmental issues, or system security issues.

  4. Failure by the Client to install the most recent Software release.


 Electronic Commerce Solutions, Ltd.


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