ECS/ie Upgrade from an earlier release

ECS/integrated email is supplied on CD-ROM or can be downloaded from with easy to use installation wizard to guide you through the set up. This package contains all the necessary components to run ECS/ie on a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP and an AS/400 with OS/400 V4R2 or higher..

The Upgrade of ECS/ie requires the installation of the new software alongside the old version on the AS/400. The data is then converted to the new version using the ECS/integrated email upgrade conversion tool. We recommend that a full back up of the PC (Client) and associated objects on the Server (iSeries) is performed before proceeding. 

We recommend that this new version is initially installed in a test environment and that you perform all the test scenarios necessary to satisfy yourself that all functions perform as required before implementing in a production environment.

The installation of the server components is performed via the client. Direct access to the AS/400 or its associated CD/tape drives is not necessary.

This installation should take no longer than 30 minutes, if you encounter any problems please obtain support via ECS Online Support

Before commencing the installation please gather the following information and enter the values in the boxes provided:

AS/400 User Profile  
AS/400 Password  
AS/400 System Name  
AS/400 TCP/IP Address  

Please check the following prerequisites:

If you intend to use the SMS/Paging functionality, ensure the following:

Use the following instructions to install ECS/ie from CD-ROM


Upgrade ECS/ie on the AS/400 

The AS/400 Server software is supplied as a Save File named "ECSIESVR" which is automatically copied to the PC. The following instructions guide you through renaming your old ECS/ie library, transferring the save file to the Host AS/400 using the ECS File Transfer Utility, restoring the library, running the AS/400 Set up procedure and upgrading your data to the new version:

Locate the old ECS/ie installation library for ECS/ie and rename it, using "OLD" as the suffix.


            Note: The original recommended library name would have been "ECSIE".

Create a save file called "ECSIESVR" in the General Purpose Library (QGPL) on the target AS/400:


Note: If the save file already exists then clear the file with the command: CLRSAVF FILE(QGPL/ECSIESVR)

Working on the PC where the ECS/ie client software was installed perform the following:

Following the warning that you are about to transfer software to the AS/400 you should be presented with the following panel:


Sign on again to the AS/400 as the security officer (User Id: QSECOFR)





If you are installing the BPCS, TLE EDI or TLA EDI components ensure the relevant  Files, Objects and PTF libraries exist in the user portion of the library list. The required objects will only be installed if the products are detected within the library list. 

Add the library ECSIE to the library list.   ADDLIBLE LIB(ECSIE)

Enter the following command on a command line to configure ECS/integrated email:

"IESETUP", Press F4, the following panel should be displayed:

This process will take a few minutes and should complete without errors. If errors are encountered please refer to the Job log. If further assistance is required contact ECS Support.

If no errors were encountered, the necessary objects have been installed on your system. 

The final step is to convert the data from the old ECS/ie database to the newly installed version:

Enter the command "IEUPGRADE" and press F4, the following panel should be displayed:

Enter the FROM and TO library names. The FROM library will default to "ECSIEOLD" and the TO library "ECSIE".

Press enter and the conversion of the data from the files in library ECSIEOLD will be copied to the files in library ECSIE.

This process will take a few minutes and should complete without errors. If errors are encountered please refer to the Job log. If further assistance is required contact ECS Support.

If no errors were encountered, the data conversion was successful. 

In order to enable any enhancements to the database it is necessary to restart the ODBC database connections. Enter the following commands on a command line before attempting to start ECS/ie. Failure to perform this step could lead to data corruption:

  Note: Please amend the subsystem names if your system is configured to execute these jobs in a different subsystem. 

The Upgrade of ECS/ie is complete.

Testing the new release

The upgraded environment should be tested by performing the following tests in sequence:

When you are suitably satisfied that the data has been upgraded correctly the library ECSIEOLD can be deleted.


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