TrustedLink EDI/400 Proactive Error Notification

The TLA email proactive error notification module is supplied as an ECM function that runs within the ECM Dispatch Manager Adapter. Each time the Dispatch Manager processes it retrieves the last TLE Error that had been notified, it then checks the TLE error log file for any new Error messages. A report containing all Mailbox and Communication errors will be sent to each of the pre defined email addresses configured within ECS/ie under the message queue *ERRORLOG/TLA when new errors are detected.

The email contains the same information that is available on the detailed view on the TLA error log.

System Requirements: TrustedLink EDI/400 V5 or Higher & BPCS/ECM Ver6.0 Rel02 PLC or higher.

TrustedLink EDI/400 Proactive Error notification Set up

The Error notification function must be defined in the Electronic Dispatch Manager Adapter (EDM). The following functions should be defined:

IE008C1 TrustedLink EDI/400 Proactive Error Notification

The configuration of the administrator email addresses is managed within the ECS/ie Message Queue Monitoring maintenance for the reserved message queue *ERRORLOG/TLA. 

For more information on defining an Message Queue email distribution lists click here.  

Sample ECS/ie TrustedLink EDI/400 email error report



Subject:  ECS/ie Automated EDI Error Report



                        TrustedLink EDI Error Report

Organisation . . . . . : ABC
Partner Number . . . . : 123
Partner Name . . . . . : ABC Trading Corp
Mailbox Number . . . . : M0000096
Creation Date  . . . . : 20020822
Creation Time  . . . . : 124536
Message Severity . . . : 10
Status . . . . . . . . : T/E

Received segment PIA was unexpected.Cause . . . . . : Mailbox ID M0000096, seg
ment sequence count 7, segment ID PIA is either not valid for the document which
was defined by the translation format or was received out of order. No data is
mapped from this segment. Segment Data . : PIA+BY+5790000004973::9' Recovery
. . . : Select a version/release of the document which contains the segment
or have your trading partner omit it from the document.

Element ID 0081 has a value Z that does not match a valid standard code value.Ca
use . . . . . : Mailbox ID M0000096, segment sequence count 13, segment ID UNS
, element sequence number 1, sub-element sequence number 0 contains a value that
was not found in the standard code file. Segment Data . : UNS+Z' Recovery .
. . : Add the code as a user code to the standard code list for this element
and then retranslate.

The number of segments received 16 does not match the segment count in the docum
ent trailer 14.Cause . . . . . : Mailbox ID M0000096, segment sequence count 1
6, segment ID UNT, element sequence number 1, sub-element sequence number 0 cont
ains a count of the number of segments that should be in the document 14. This c
ount does not match the actual number of segments received for this document 16.
Segment Data . : UNT+14+IBS0000816' Recovery . . . : Check with the tradi
ng partner or network that sent the document and verify that you received the co
mplete document. Have them resend the document and correct the segment count.


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