ECS/ie System Settings

The ECS/ie System settings panel is used to configure the primary system information required by ECS/ie.

This panel is automatically presented if ECS/ie has not been configured for the associated PC.

The following panel can also be displayed by selected "Settings" from the main ECS/ie panel and then selecting "ECS/ie System Settings" from the drop down menu.

Select the "MAPI" option for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Outlook Express or any other MAPI compliant email client.

Select the "Lotus Notes" option if you wish to integrate to a Lotus Notes email client Version 4.5 or higher

Select the option for "Novell GroupWise" if you wish to integrate with a Novell GroupWise email client Version 5.5 or higher.

If you are unsure what your email profile is then replicate the settings you enter in your email client when you log on or open Outlook or Exchange, select "options" from the "tools" menu and then click on the "General" tab. The required details can be found in the "Startup" settings.

Note: Setting the Loop duration to "0" (Zero) and enabling "Autostart" it is possible to control the time when ECS/ie executes with an external job scheduler

Note: This user must be enrolled in the AS/400 System Directory. The User profile must also have authority to the ECSIE library/objects and the commands ADDRPYLE & RMVRPYLE.

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