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ECS/integrated email is successfully being used to support the wide range of electronic formats required to perform business today. Most companies have business relationships with varying sized organisations, the largest may demand to exchange EDI or XML documents for fully automated application to application integration, whereas smaller companies may only be able to accept human readable email or fax.

ECS/integrated can support all these requirements with the benefit that the day to day effort is minimised regardless of your Trading Partnersí e-commerce abilities.

ECS/integrated email (ECS/ie) is an Enterprise application integration tool that enables AS/400 based business transactions to be sent by email, automatically published on a Web site or proactively sent as GSM/SMS messages. 


ECS/ie is compatible with all major email clients:

> Microsoft Outlook

> MS Exchange

> Outlook Express

> Lotus Notes

> Novell GroupWise

ECS/ie can be integrated with any AS/400 Business Application and is supplied, fully integrated with BPCS/ECM , TrustedLink Enterprise and TrustedLink EDI/400.  

Summary of supported data formats and protocols :




IBM Expedite









ECS/ie contains the following integrated functionality:

AS/400 Spool file integration

The AS/400 spool file integration module facilitates the email or FTP transmission of AS/400 spool files. Spool file data that meets a specific selection criteria can be sent within the body of the email or as an attachment in HTML, PDF(Acrobat)  or TXT formats. ECS/ie uses standard AS/400 output queues to define two different types of electronic output queue processing:  


Electronic "Output queues" 

e-outq's are output queues defined within ECS/ie that have an associated email distribution list, AS/400 spool files that are placed in the output queues defined as e-outq's will be automatically emailed to the recipients listed in the distribution list.

Ideal for the automated transmission of reports to a departmental distribution list.    

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Electronic "Outbox"

Any spool files placed in the AS/400 Output queue's defined as  "e-Outbox"  are automatically emailed to the recipient via ECS/ie. The email address is retrieved from within the spool file text allowing the business application system to define who the email recipients are.

Ideal for the unattended email of business transaction documentation such as Purchase Orders to suppliers and Order Acknowledgements to Customers'.   

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XML Processor

The ECS/XML Processor enables translation between DB/400 files and XML documents to support any  business transaction. The ECS/XML Processor can be integrated to any AS/400 business application enabling the automated and seamless generation of XML documents sourced from legacy AS/400 applications. Inbound XML transactions are mapped to DB/400 files ready for posting to your AS/400 business application. 

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EDI Processor

The ECS/EDI Processor is a fully functional and validating EDI Translator that enables the automated and seamless exchange of EDIFACT standard messages between your AS/400 Business Application and external Trading Partners. EDI Interchanges can be exchanged via IBM Expedite, FTP, email or the Internet. EDI Message generation and conversion  templates are available for rapid application integration in addition to Ready made EDI Integration Packs for popular ERP applications.    

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electronic Folders

ECS/integrated email can manage the automated receipt and transmission of any type of file as an email attachment from/to Network Folders. Powerful selection criteria controls the distribution of received email attachments to Network or Local folders. e-Folders can be defined to control the receipt and transmission of XML documents. 

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Business Application integration API 

The ECS/ie application program interface (API) enables the fast and seamless integration of ECS/ie to your AS/400 based Business Application. The ECS/ie API enables the transmission of AS/400 database files as Microsoft Excel compatible comma delimited files (CSV) or as Flat (text) files. Simple message emails can also be sent using the included API which requires basic details, such as;  email address, subject and text. The ECS/ie API can be used to send emails from an AS/400 command line, CL program or can be imbedded within your business application.   

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AS/400 Remote Command Execution

ECS/ie can be configured to execute AS/400 commands triggered by the receipt of emails conforming to specific selection criteria. The commands can be predefined within ECS/ie or contained within the received email body.  

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AS/400 Message Queue monitoring

ECS/ie can be configured to monitor any number of AS/400 message queues and will send alerting emails or SMS messages to GSM mobile phones. Any number of recipients can be configured for each Message queue defined with independently configured severity levels.     

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Network Device Monitoring 

ECS/ie can be configured to monitor any number of devices connected to a TCP/IP network. ECS/ie will periodically 'ping' the registered servers, printers or routers and alert the relevant system administrators by email or page them via SMS messaging if a satisfactory response is not received from the device. ECS/ie will also notify the system administrator if the Host AS/400 that ECS/ie is running on also fails.   more detail........


AS/400 Subsystem Monitoring 

ECS/ie can be configured to monitor the status of designated subsystems, alerting the relevant personnel when subsystems start and end.    

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Automated Web Publishing

ECS/ie can automatically generate HTML web pages with custom header & footer graphics from AS/400 spool files and publish them on an internet server. ECS/ie can be integrated  with your business application system without  the need for programming. Typical uses for ECS/ie Web Publishing are Price Lists, Stock Balances, Order Status information & Supplier Schedules.        

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Click here for an example of the output from a standard AS/400  DSPSYSSTS command. 


Automated Spool file Archiving 

ECS/ie can automatically archive AS/400 Spool files to a local or remote servers in PDF, HTML or TXT formats  The archived spool files can be referenced with the spool file attributes (user/Spool file/Number etc) or  business transaction reference (Invoice/Order/Customer Number) for easy retrieval.    

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Spool file Management 

ECS/ie can be configured to distribute spool files between Output Queues.  Spool files can be selectively distributed based on selection criteria on data contained within the spool file as well as the status of the spool file.      

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AS/400 Text Messaging 

ECS/ie enables the configuration of AS/400 message queues like email addresses. Use AS/400 Text Messaging to distribute messages to AS/400 users at the same time as those that are email enabled.        

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What YOU can do with ECS/ie

Also need to send Faxes? 

ECS/ie can address all your messaging needs, including Fax. If you have requirements to send automated fax then ECS/ie combined with internet based electronic fax service providers (such as JFAX & eFax) has proven to be more economical than sending faxes direct. It costs as little as 3 pence to send a page of A4 text to an international fax number. 

ECS/ie requires minimal set up because it interacts with the email client rather than the server. The installation of ECS/ie does not require any network re-configuration and should not breach corporate security policies.


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