ECS/ie Monitor

ECS/integrated email is a client/server application controlled by the Windows based Client. ECS/ie is self monitoring, if the Client loses contact with the AS/400 (iSeries Server) a message is automatically sent to the administrator from the ECS/ie Client. However, the ECS/ie Client is unable to send alerting messages if has been terminated or if there is a problem with the Windows Server the Client runs on. 


ECS/ie Monitor is an AS/400 based application that can be configured to automatically monitor whether ECS/ie is running. If ECS/ie Monitor detects that ECS/ie has not executed within a predefined time then an alerting message is sent to an AS/400 message queue (for example: QSYSOPR). An information message stating that normal processing has resumed will be sent when ECS/ie is executing again. 


ECS/ie is supplied with a command called "IEMONITOR", this command prompts you to enter a number of values depending on how your system is configured. The values that are prompted for: 





IEMONITOR should be started once a day, and will continue to run throughout the day until the defined "Job End Time". It is recommended that daily execution of the IEMONITOR command is performed via an external AS/400 Job Scheduler. The "Job End Time" should coincide with the Suspension Start Time configured within the ECS/ie System Settings to ensure that ECS/ie Monitor is not executing while ECS/ie is shut down and during daily backup routines.  


On the execution of the IEMONITOR command, a batch job called "IEMONITOR" is submitted to the defined job queue. The job extracts the ECS/ie Last Execution Time Stamp from the ECS/ie System Parameter file and stores this away. On the next cycle (following the defined Time Delay) the Last Execution Time Stamp from the ECS/ie System Parameter file is retrieved again and compared with the snapshot Time Stamp previously stored. ECS/ie Monitor is expecting these Time Stamps to be different, if they are the same then the following message is sent to the defined message queue: 



ECS/integrated email Client is inactive. Further investigation is required. 


ECS/ie Monitor will continue to monitor ECS/ie and when normal processing has resumed, the following information is sent: 



ECS/integrated email Client has resumed processing. 


Note: Ensure that the ECS/ie AS/400 library (Default name: ECSIE) exists within library list when executing this command. 

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