E-mail Groups

E-mail groups can be used to resolve a number of different issues relating to email addressing, distribution and translation. email Groups allow the one time set up of a "Group email address" which has linked to it a list of email addresses. The format of the Group email does not need to conform to standard email formats and can be used to translate business transaction values, such as Customer Names or Numbers,  to email addresses (or distribution lists).

Group email addresses can be used anywhere throughout ECS/integrated email, such as; electronic Outq's, Electronic Outbox, Message queue monitoring, Network Device Monitoring and Subsystem Monitoring.

When Group emails are used with an "Electronic Outbox", that is where labels are used to identify the email address within the body of an AS/400 spool file,  it is possible use business transaction related data instead of email addresses within the spool file. For example:  You may be generating Purchase Orders as AS/400 Spool files to Output queue "QGPL/PO" which will always contain the Value "Supplier Number:" followed by the related supplier number generated by your business application system, for example "242679" relates to supplier, "ABC Ltd"  and their email address is "orders@abc.com". The way you would configure ECS/ie in this example requires two steps. First define the Output queue "QGPL/PO" as an "Electronic Outbox" with a label of "Supplier Number:". Secondly, define a Group email address named "242679" that contains an email distribution list of  "orders@abc.com". The result of the set up would be that ECS/ie scans through all spool files in the Output queue "QGPL/PO" for the label "Supplier Number:". ECS/ie will extract the value following the label, which is the value "242679", this value is then translated and sent to email address "orders@abc.com". This example is useful when the spool file does not contain the required email address. 

Define Distribution list

Note: A single email address can be added to the distribution list if "email Groups" is to be used as a one-to-one translation table.

There are five reserved email extensions used within ECS/ie that should be avoided when defining Group email addresses. They are:

Note:  Extensions  "FTP" and "OUTQ" are reserved for Spool file processing only. Extensions "SMS", "MSGQ" and "BRKM" can process  the body of email text only, not attachments. 

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