Electronic IFS Folder Set up & Configuration

Electronic IFS Folders or "e-IFS Folders" are iSeries IFS (integrated file system) folders defined within ECS/ie that have an associated email distribution list. The primary purpose of "e-IFS Folders" is to distribute AFP Spool files in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat, Portable Document Format) in association with  "IBM InfoPrint Server for iSeries".

The conversion of AFP Spool files to PDF files is performed by IBM Infoprint Server for iSeries. This process will create PDF files and place them in the IFS Folder system. It is then the responsibility of ECS/ie to select, distribute and delete the PDF files from the IFS Folder. 

For more information on configuring Infoprint Server for iSeries to convert AFP Spool files to PDF documents and place them in an IFS Folder, please refer to the following IBM Redbook: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg246250.pdf


It is recommended that Infoprint Server for iSeries should be configured to support the following folder hierarchy to enable maximum use of Spool file attributes for distribution selection criteria within ECS/ie:





The job-name is truncated to eight characters.

The last two characters of the job-name are added to the beginning of the job-number.




ECS/ie will extract all the files contained within the defined IFS Folders and distribute them to a predefined distribution list. Selection criteria can be defined at email address level for:

Popular uses for "e-IFS Folders" include; departmental output queues for report distribution, Automated Web publishing or Spool file archiving.


Note: ECS/ie will not create the Folder in IFS. This must already exist on the AS/400.

Configuring the Distribution List for Electronic Output Queues

Tip: you can use the right hand mouse button to perform all functions performed by the buttons.

  1. Select All spool files from the specified IFS Folder for transmission to the recipient email address.

  2. Select only where a specific spool File name matches the value entered in the text box.

  3. Select only where the User of the spool file matches the value entered in the text box.

  4. Select only where the Job Name of the spool file matches the value entered in the text box.

  5. Select only where the Job Number of the spool file matches the value entered in the text box (leading zeros are required).

  6. Select only where the Spool File Number of the spool file matches the value entered in the text box (leading zeros are required).

Note: Previously entered emails can be selected from the drop down menu bar. This includes defined FTP Servers and SMS Service Centres.

There are five reserved email extensions used within ECS/ie that do not result in an email being generated, using the reserved email extensions causes ECS/ie to perform other functions; 

Note:  Extensions  "FTP" and "OUTQ" are reserved for "e-outq" and "e-outbox" Spool file processing only. Extensions "SMS", "MSGQ" and "BRKM" can process  the body of email text only, not attachments. 

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